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Money Mindset Intensive

Includes 1 x 120 minute session

1 payment of $750.00

Ultimately, the areas we will explore depending on your individual needs include: • Uncovering your current money blueprint and how it’s affecting you.

• Dissolving fears, obstacles and habits that do not support you and reprograming your brain with goals, action steps and routines that do.

• Taking control of your decisions and no longer acting out of fear and scarcity.

• Breaking free of a scarcity mentality and embracing an abundant mindset - even if you have never fully bought into it!

• Incorporating fun into your money mindset work!

• Unlocking hidden opportunities you have right now to create revenue.

• Commanding your power and energy around money instead of chasing the dollar.

• Feeling in control and empowered around your finances

• Getting crystal clear about what it means for you to be financially free

• Acquiring tools that allow direct access to your inner truth

• Knowing how to decide if it’s the best time to invest in yourself

<br> You will also receive:

• Private email access to me directly for 30 days for additional support

• Exclusive workbook to quickly illuminate what patterns and stories you’re attached to

• Additional resources such as book recommendations, videos, articles, links, webinars, worksheets, software etc. I will share whatever resources I have that will assist you to be sure you are fully supported in the ways you need for success.


Its my ultimate goal for you to walk away from this intensive with the ability to:

• Tap into your natural gifts to leverage those gifts and be compensated for them

• Identify what you truly desire for you life and a roadmap on how to get there

• Learn the triggers that can pull you back into a negative spiral and how to prevent them

• Manage your inner critic and quiet the ego that is trying to keep you playing small


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